LED Wall

LED Wall Technology is essential for building up innovative and eye-catching spaces. No matter the lighting condition, LED Wall can deliver image with high level of brightness, contrast and colour saturation. With its superior performance, it can be excellent at grabbing attention and delivering messages in outdoor settings, stadium, malls, lobby, retail store and more.

Interactive Panel

To enable interactive collaboration for a more engaged and natural flow of discussions to inspire innovation and brainstorming, people are turning to interactive panels for digital whiteboarding which supports free annotation, and pen-and-touch input. All-in-one product solutions come with built-in cameras, microphones and open stardard pc interface which makes the panel ready for immersive video collaborations.

Digital Signage

Digital signage system helps to deliver rich multimedia contents to the target audience. It can be a single screen place in the lift lobby or multi-display to form a giant video wall across the mall. With professional digital signage software, users can control, manage and distribute contents via internet, do multi-scheduling, live snapshots, etc in a central control computer.