Maxhub V6 Classic Series

By integrating the functions of projector, whiteboard, advertising signage, computer, microphone, audio, etc, MAXHUB V6 Classic Series interactive displays could satisfy the needs of local meetings and remote collaborations.



  • All -in-One Enabled Collaboration Board . Bring Your Own Meeting / BYOM Ready

  • Drive Productive teamwork and increase organizational efficiency with this meeting room must-have.

  • A complete , seamless design fulfills every meeting requiremnt, including a 48MP built-in camera , 8 array mic with speaker -tracking technology, and touch panel.

  • Ecperience 1.07 billion colors in brilliant details with hight-color gamut and ultra-HK, 4K display.

  • Zero-bonding technology effectively reduces air refrction and parallax for enhanced visual clarity.

  • Thanks to auto-framing , the V6 Classic series intuitively adjusts to the number of meeting participants and their location.

  • V6 Classic support a screen-sharing hotspot and Wi-fi network connection.

  • Antibacterial glass , antibacterial passive styluese, and an antibacterial power button keeps you safe